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The Tao to Health & Wellness

“For many common infectious diseases, aromatherapy offers more effective and more wholesome solutions than conventional medicine.” 

~Kurt Schnaubelt, Ph. D. 


Do You Use DoTerra or Young Living Essential Oils?

We guarantee you will enjoy Tao Essential Oils more and will spend less overall.

If any Tao essential oil single or blend you purchase doesn’t completely satisfy or exceed your expectations, we will refund your order in full.

How can we make this guarantee, you ask? Good question!

We have thoroughly tested each one of our essential oils using the strictest and most advanced testing methods. What we found is that Tao essential oils are unparalleled in purity and potency. From our family to yours, we bring you Tao Essential Oils, distinguished therapeutic purity and quality with every drop, completely risk free.

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Cyndi S., Telford, PA

Tao Essential Oils is a great company to buy from! I thought their website is great and really easy to use. I enjoyed the extremely helpful and useful resource library. I was able to quickly find information about a health problem I was having, and see a lot of different articles and perspectives on ways to support this problem through essential oils. The 30% off coupon for my first order was a nice surprise, so I decided to place an order. Their customer service on chat was prompt and very friendly during my checkout process. My order shipped right away and I was surprised at how fast it arrived in my mailbox (and it was packaged nicely too!). The essential oils themselves are amazing – I absolutely love the Tao Essential Oils that I purchased, the digestive blend and peppermint oil. These oils are doing wonders on my body and physical condition, and I have seen incredible progress in a short amount of time since I’ve been using them. I highly recommend Tao Essential Oils!

Tiffany S., Denver, CO

Our family has been consistently been using three of Tao’s oil blends for various members of our family over the past few months and have seen tremendous results. My daughter has some anxiety when it comes to bedtime and doesn’t seem to fall asleep or stay asleep very well.  We have been rubbing the Solace oil blend onto the reflex points of her feet and her temples every night before bed.  Now she falls asleep quicker and sleeps better throughout the night.  It has truly been a game changer!

The Respiratory Blend has been a lifesaver when a family member becomes congested due to illness or allergies.  We have a son who has asthma—his trigger is respiratory illness, so we like having a natural pathway to help him breathe a little bit easier whenever he is sick and battling his asthma symptoms.Lastly, we have absolutely loved using the Immunity blend!  What a nice alternative to hand sanitizers that are so harsh on our bodies!!  This is a must have for families with young children.

We love Tao Essential Oils!  What a difference these wonderful, natural products have made for our family!  I recommend Tao for anyone looking for natural remedies and enhanced wellness.

Where to Buy Essential Oils Online

Finding and buying pure, therapeutic grade GC/MS certified essential oils online has been quite a challenging task in the past. Competitors like DoTerra and Young Living are multi-level marketing business models. The other competitors available on grocery and health food store shelves are often lacking in potency and purity. Now, with Tao Essential Oils, you can get the absolute best essential oils available directly online and shipped right to your door!



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